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Mount Rogers National Recreation Area
3714 Highway 16
Marion, VA 24354

Comers Rock Campground & Picnic Area located in Mount Rogers National Recreation Area offers 10 camping units with parking and picnic tables. Several trails run through Comers Rock Campground, including Little Dry Run Trail, the extensive Iron Mountain Trail, and Unaka Nature Trail. This campground sits amidst old-growth mature hardwood forests interspersed with rocky outcrops. Representative eastern hardwood breeding birds are common here, including wood thrush, and eastern wood-pewee. In addition, scarlet tanager, cedar waxwing, black-throated green and hooded warblers can be seen flitting through the limbs. A scenic overlook can be accessed by a short hike from the campground, or by driving west of the campground area to the base of an overlook just down the road. The overlook offers a picturesque view of Elk Creek Valley. In the summer, turkey vulture soar on thermals at eye-level. This can be prime spot for viewing broad-winged hawks during fall migration.

Directions: From US 21 south turn right on FR 57 and continue west for 3.7 miles to Comers Rock Campground. (CAUTION: FR 57 is a winding dirt road that should not be driven in low clearance vehicles after wet weather. It is also dangerous when snow covered.)

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