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Labor Day Flea Market > Worrell's Flea Market Camping and Parking
Welcome to Worrell's Flea Market Camping and Parking

331 West Grayson St.
Hillsville, VA 24343

Looking for the best Labor Day Flea Market camping or parking location? Look no further than the Worrell's back yard. A family home and large back yard for 361 days of the year is transformed into campsites and parking for cars during Labor Day weekend. The big yard is just a few feet away from the vendors of the flea market. Amenities are the basics and include: easy access from any direction, fully contained RV camping, and a few shade trees to escape the heat. Worrell's Flea Market Camping is only open during Labor Day weekend.

Please contact us by phone for reservations of with any questions about parking or camping. Or send an email.

You can't park any closer without being a vendor.

We hope to see you Labor Day weekend!

View Map and Driving Directions

Phone: (336) 601-9302
Email: cindymworrell@gmail.com










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